IRO has a number of cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens looking for their forever homes.  If you are considering adopting an animal, it is important to consider the life-long responsibility this involves and whether or not this is something you can commit to.  IRO aims to rehome animals in loving, permanent homes so we encourage any potential adopter to think seriously about the adoption process.

Some points to consider before adopting:

Can you afford the cost of caring for an animal?

Beyond just the basics of providing food, water, and shelter for your pet, you should also consider the cost of annual vaccinations, veterinary consultations, regular de-worming treatments, flea and tick treatments, spay/neuter costs, toys, treats, and grooming requirements.  It is also important to consider that as animals get older, they may require more frequent vet visits for check-ups, medications and provide for special dietary requirements.

Do you have the time to give to an animal?

Every animal has different needs.  Some may require more time dedicated to them to be exercised, trained, or groomed.  Others may be more independent and demand less of your time. It is important to carefully consider what time you can commit to caring for an animal before adopting. Matching a cat or dog to your personality and lifestyle is critical to successful adoption.

Some other questions to ask yourself when you are considering adopting an animal are:

    • What hours do you work and how will you manage these around caring for your pet?
    • Do your outside interests (hobbies, family, friends, etc) take up a lot of your time?
    • Do you have other people who can help or will you be solely responsible for caring for your pet?
    • Do you travel a lot and will need to find boarding kennels or a pet-sitter to care for your pet?

Having a pet and being a responsible pet owner are two very different things.  It is not enough just to feed your pet and take him or her out for the occasional walk; it is also about taking care of the animal’s emotional, mental, and physical needs for the rest of their life.

Remember, adopting a companion animal is a lifelong commitment for both you and your pet.