IRO has two other chapters in Bohol (Island Rescue Organization Bohol Chapter) and Bacolod (Island Rescue Organization Bacolod Chapter). IRO actively works with other animal rescue organizations in the Philippines such as Dumaguete Animal Welfare, Salamat Animal Rescue Center, Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center and Animal Welfare Association Iloilo.

Island Rescue Organization (IRO) Bohol Chapter

  • Island Rescue Organization - Bohol Chapter
  • Island Rescue Organization - Bohol Chapter
  • Island Rescue Organization - Bohol Chapter

In July 2015, a small group of compassionate animal lovers came together in response to the growing number of stray animals on the island of Bohol.  What started out as a feeding program for street dogs and volunteering at the local pound to help care for the dogs soon turned into a growing network of foster homes and a successful adoption program.  Aspin Paws Charity was formed.  As awareness of the group grew, so too did the demand for their help and it soon became clear that they would need to become an officially registered charity in order to achieve their goals and expand their reach.  Aspin Paws Charity reached out to Island Rescue Organization and in August 2015 became the Island Rescue Organization (IRO) Bohol Chapter.

Based out of their shelter in Manga and working closely with the Tagbilaran City Pound, IRO Bohol is run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to raising the profile of Aspins (the local Filipino ‘street dog’) within the community.  The IRO Bohol Chapter believes that every animal deserves the chance of a loving home.  With a focus on finding a long-term and sustainable solution to the stray animal population of Bohol, IRO Bohol believes in using education as the tool for building awareness of responsible pet ownership and care. Through their adoption program, every animal that is rehomed is vaccinated and de-sexed to prevent any further additions to the stray population and to help the animal live a long and healthy life.

Although their current work is based primarily around Tagbilaran City, the IRO Bohol Chapter hopes to be able to reach out to other communities around Bohol providing assistance to animals in need and increase awareness of animal welfare issues.  Among their aims are an expanded, purpose-built facility that incorporates an educational facility where people can learn more about responsible animal ownership and kindness and compassion to animals and nature. “We hope that one day, there will be no need to rescue because minds have been changed and hearts are opened”.

For more information on the IRO Bohol Chapter visit their facebook page.

Island Rescue Organization (IRO) Bacolod Chapter – Coming Soon

For more information on the IRO Bacolod Chapter visit their facebook page or their website.