In February 2010 Island Rescue Organization Inc. (IRO), the first non-profit animal rescue organization in Cebu, was formally established by a small team of dedicated volunteers. The goals of the organization remain the same today:

  • To promote responsible ownership and humane treatment of all animals through cooperation, outreach, and education with the community
  • To advocate the development and enforcement of humane and effective animal welfare laws
  • To rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned and neglected animals
  • To provide a healthy, loving, no-kill sanctuary for rescue animals
  • To promote adoption of companion animals into permanent homes
  • To promote control and health management of the animal population through spaying/neutering and vaccinating

IRO cares for over 100 companion animals who are awaiting adoption into forever homes.  IRO also cares for a number of animals who are receiving treatment for medical injuries or illnesses or are being rehabilitated for behavioural issues relating to their backgrounds.

IRO is run entirely by a team of volunteers and as a community-focused organization; IRO not only relies on the support of the public (both local and international) for funding but also to assist with the organization’s operations.

IRO is affiliated with Friends for the Protection of Animals (USA), a US-501 c (3) non-profit animal rescue organization.