Can’t commit to adopting?  Why not consider fostering?  There are many different ways you can help IRO and one of the more ‘hands-on’ ways is by fostering an animal. If you have space and the time, IRO needs you!

Perhaps you have always wanted a cat or a dog but can’t give the long-term commitment to adopting one? Fostering could be for you. The IRO shelter is full to capacity and we have other animals on our ‘waiting list’ who need a temporary home to care for them while they await adoption. Sometimes we have animals who need some extra TLC while they are recovering from illness. We also get contacted about puppies or kittens that have been abandoned or orphaned and without a foster mother (or father!) just would not be able to survive on their own.

Fostering demands time and energy and there are a number of factors to consider, but the rewards are massive. Not only will you be providing the animal with a temporary place to call home, but you’ll also be boosting their chances of adoption by helping them get used to living in a home environment, helping them with their socialization, and getting familiar with new people and helping IRO learn more about the animal so we know what kind of forever home he/she needs.

To foster, please fill out our Foster Application Form.