Spaying (for females) and neutering (for males) not only prevents unwanted litters but can also have a number of health and behavioral advantages for your pet. Spay and neuter operations are routine surgeries performed while the animal is under anesthetic and in most cases, your pet can be back at home that same day or within a few days following their operation.

Spaying consists of removing the female animal’s uterus and both ovaries. This will not only stop the animal from menstruating (going into ‘heat’) which can be very noisy and messy, it will stop attention from male cats or dogs interested in mating and help stop your female cat or dog from escaping as they attempt to find a mate. Spaying your female pet can also reduce the risk of mammary tumors and womb infections.

Neutering is the removal of the male animal’s testicles. This can help to reduce aggressive and territorial behavior such as spraying or fighting which can result in serious injury and risk of contracting diseases such as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Neutering can also reduce the risk of future prostate problems and eliminates the concern for your pet developing testicular cancer.

Every day, IRO sees first-hand the consequences of an unspayed female cat or dog and the staggering number of unwanted animals on the street, being injured by traffic accidents or the victims of cruelty or abuse. With a simple surgical procedure, YOU can help prevent more unwanted animals struggling to survive. It really is that simple.