Save a life

When you adopt an animal from IRO, you are not only bringing a new furry friend into your life, you are also giving another animal the chance at finding their forever home.  With a limited amount of space available at its shelter, IRO relies upon adoptions for new animals to be taken in and given a second chance at happiness.


Find your match

IRO assesses each animal to understand what kind of home and owner they would be best suited to.  Our Adoption Coordinators will advise potential adopters on what animal matches their lifestyle and give advice on how best to care for their pet.

Adopt don’t shop

Adopting an animal from IRO costs less than buying an animal from a pet shop or breeder.

Rescue + animal doesn’t always = behavioural issues

Many of the animals at IRO are at the shelter through no fault of their own.  A lot of the animals are strays or may be there because their owner was moving and was unable or not allowed to accommodate the animal.  Whatever the case, IRO assesses each animal to understand their needs and will offer potential adopters honest and informed details of the animal during the adoption process.

Take your pick!

Short or tall, big or small, old or young, fluffy or smooth coated, black or white, spotted or striped, we have them all at the IRO shelter!  As well as a variety of shapes and sizes, we also have animals of different ages so whether or not you’re looking for a puppy or kitten or prefer an adult dog or cat, chances are we will have them at the IRO shelter.

Look beyond the breed

The majority of our animals are ‘local’ breed dogs and cats known as Aspins and Puspins, although we do occasionally have other breeds available for adoption.  Regardless of what breed an animal is, IRO believes strongly in looking beyond the breed of the animal and considering important factors such as the personality type, temperament and energy levels of the animal when considering adoption.  An animal’s breed is only one part of the puzzle.  IRO will be happy to help you find an animal to fit your lifestyle.

Maybe your new best friend is waiting for you at the IRO shelter…